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“The influence of France on world history is undeniable. It appears in the works of many people and nations, and Mexico is no exception.”

The Influence of the french in Mexico

by Ana Luz Velázquez

July 8, 2002.




“It would be impossible, in a short essay, even to enumerate, the names of those who, in France, have contributed, something new to the general scientific and intellectual treasure of man”

What about French Culture?

Adolphe-Jacques Dickman

The Modern Language Journal

Vol. 20, No. 8 (May, 1936), pp. 451-458

(article consists of 8 pages)

Published by: Blackwell Publishing on behalf of the National Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations

Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/316675



« Je crois qu'on peut dire sans flatterie que la France a été le centre, le foyer de la civilisation de l'Europe » François GUIZOT, Histoire de la civilisation en Europe, 1828




« In a word, as regards general civilization, France has always been the leader among the continental nations of Europe »

Per Adam Siljeström – The Educational Institutions of the United States: Their Character and Organization, 1853




"Rarement action d’un peuple sur un autre, fut plus complète, plus envahissante, plus enveloppante que l’influence française en Roumanie"

De L’influence Française Sur L’esprit Public En Roumanie –Pompiliu Eliade 1898




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